Meet FleetOperate

the platform that’s democratizing the transport industry.

World's first blockchain-based trucking eco-system that will host $700 Billion North American transportation industry.

Benefits of using

FleetOperate blockchain platform

  • for 30 days, 60days, 90 days

    No more waiting All parties get paid Instantaneously

  • Suffer Drivers shortage

    Carriers, Get Access To On-demand Driver Pool

  • Suffer Job Shortage

    Drivers will have a satisfying job

the trucking industry is facing crippling challenges

Driver Shortage

Ranked as the a top five challenge for the last 12 years which is growing by time. More than 900,000 new drivers will be needed over the next 10 years to sustain growth and handle attrition within the US transportation industry.

Excessive Government Regulations

Regulations in every step of the business and efficient handling in meeting these compliance, is derailing the business aspect making profits unreal.

Delayed and Irregular Payment

Delayed and Irregular payments, cumbersome paper trails, old and rusty methods of payment settlements is resulting in cash flow problems.


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